Journey into Awakening

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM PST

To Be Announced, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89145, United States

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM PST



Those who have attended experienced an evolutionary shift with huge breakthroughs -- experiencing their ordinary life as extraordinary in new ways that do not fade.
The ancient and modern teachings given are imbued with "mystical processes" which will impact and transform your consciousness opening up deeper states of awakening and beyond.
* Calmer Mind
* Profound Inner Peace
* Spiritual Growth
* Transformation in Consciousness
* Improved Health and Loving Relationships
* Breakthroughs in Prosperity & Success
Join us to move beyond the mind's daydream and survival strategies to actualizing the highest reaches of your potential.
This program will be live-streamed from India simultaneously in over 38 locations across the United States and taught by an Awakened Guide.


  • Stopped the mind’s looping thoughts and dissatisfaction, actual neurological shift felt

  • Dissolved the mind’s incessant stories from the past and projections of future possibilities.

  • Continuous calm, stillness, clarity & elevated expanded consciousness.

  • Deepened awareness & witnessing that effortlessly released resistance & suffering.

  • Anchored incredible states of joy & happiness for no reason as a pathway to an Awakened life.

  • Auspicious happenings that override conditioning and judgment to truly living in Presence.

  • Felt like a magic wand was waved and layers of suffocating patterns and mindsets disappeared.

Limited Space....Give yourself this Gift!
For questions and more direct info:
Debra Apsara
Mimi Gund
Tuesday, July 9th
8:00am - 8:00pm
Please arrive by 7:30am to register and to settle in, the program will start promptly in 38 locations across the US at 8:00am PT.
We will have an action-packed day of Teachings, Meditations, + Ancient Sacred Technologies for Awakening.
We will have bathroom/coffee breaks throughout the day, as well as a 90-minute lunch break.
See you all soon ??????????
Breakfast : Homemade Blueberry Muffins (gluten & Dairy) 
Fresh lemon ginger cold tea (can heat ) can add honey 
Lunch : Kichari -rice and veggie dish (veg Gluten free)
Quinoa Veggie stir fry (veg gluten free) 
Salad (veg gluten free ) 
Homemade bread (yum) ( has gluten) 
Snacks : homemade pizza (gluten and dairy) 
Homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cream sandwiches (gluten and dairy) 
If you have allergies please bring food 

Debra Apsara

Debra Apsara came onto this planet smiling, happy and with a deep connection to God. Her mother would often go into her room to see if she was sleeping and Debra would have her hands straight up in the air giggling and playing with something above her. Her mother said it was the Angels. Since 2006 Debra has been on a mission to help Awaken Humanity. Her passion is to have fun, expand, and truly live life affecting all those around her. She is dedicated to her own growth in consciousness, which brings her to India multiple times a year. She has been traveling to India for the past 10 years to learn from the great teacher’s Sri AmmaBhagavan the founders of Oneness University where she has attended over 20 courses and classes. Debra was Initiated in 2010 while at Oneness University to teach special courses and classes. Debra also works as a Registered Nurse for a wonderful company that specializes in helping those with illnesses that leave them very sick and often terminal. Her love of humanity and her Divine are the driving force in all she does. Mimi Gund, a Yoga & meditation instructor has lived & taught in the Flathead Valley of beautiful Montana for over 10 years, currently teaching Yoga at Flathead Valley Community College & also on staff as an instructor at the Summit in Kalispell. As a Yoga practitioner for over 4 decades, & travel to India & Nepal, she continues to submit to the process of SEEING, which is the first step & the last step.

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